Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are allegedly planning a huge Christmas party in Montecito after snubbing Queen Elizabeth’s invitation.

In its Dec. 13 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Prince Harry and Markle have decided to go all out on their festivities to make the royal family jealous.

A source claimed that some of the couple’s guests include Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, Mariah Carey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are also allegedly hands-on when it comes to their preparations. The latter is in charge of gold-plated invites. And Prince Harry is the one in charge of stringing all the lights all over the house.

“They got a 10-foot tree and are about to buy a second one,” a source said.

The couple also hope that Carey would accept their invitation because they want her to sing at their private bash. However, the award-winning singer has not acknowledged Prince Harry and Markle’s invite.

“Harry is still psyched – he even wants to wear a Santa suit if Meghan would let him. And he’s setting up his own bar by the pool and coming up with cute cocktails like SussexSpritzer,” the source said.

Multiple publications claimed that the queen invited Prince Harry and Markle for the holidays, but they sent the monarch their regrets.

Prince Harry and Markle feel that celebrating the holidays with the royal family would be awkward so they didn’t want to put themselves in such a tough position.

But even if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will celebrate Christmas in Montecito, they have not shared details from their bash. So, there’s no proof that the couple invited some of their A-list neighbors to celebrate with them at home.

There’s also no proof that Prince Harry and Markle are even friends with DiCaprio, Perry, and Carey for them to even think of inviting them to their private party.

Meanwhile, speaking of Christmas, the same tabloid claimed that Prince Harry still hasn’t gotten over how he was snubbed by the royal family after the queen refused to invite him and Markle to celebrate the holidays with them in 2019.

Royal author Christopher Andersen said that this may be one of the reasons why Prince Harry and Markle no longer want to celebrate with the royal family.

“I think this is a turning point. There are all sorts of subtle messages that are conveyed in this kind of soap opera that goes on,” he said.