Fans and followers are reportedly urging Johnny Depp and Kate Moss to reunite after the actor’s legal battle with Amber Heard. This comes after the model took the stand to testify in the trial.

Geo News reported that many netizens could not seemingly “stop gushing” over Moss's effort and her former partner’s “love” for her. Some are even said to have wondered whether she still has feelings for Depp more than two decades after their split.

As noted, these individuals took their thoughts to social media and discussed the two celebrities. The majority of them appear to hope for a reunion between the former couple.

One Twitter user reportedly stated that they “hope and think” Kate Moss still loves Johnny Depp. Per their assumptions, this might be the reason why she has decided to testify in the trial.

Another individual, on the other hand, wishes for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star to realize that the British model is “the one to marry as a life partner.” The same netizen even added that they “hope he phones her up and asks her out on a dinner date.”

A different fan, meanwhile, noticed how Depp smiled when Moss appeared on his screen at the trial. One user seemingly agreed and pointed out that the actor’s “face lit up” after seeing his former girlfriend.

All the talks about Kate Moss and Johnny Depp appeared to have begun after Amber Heard mentioned the British model’s name in court amid the trial. In her testimony, she claimed she heard rumors about her former husband pushing his ex-girlfriend down a flight of stairs during their relationship in the ‘90s.

Weeks later, the 48-year-old celebrity appeared in court via live video link from Gloucestershire, England. She testified that her ex-boyfriend, Depp, never abused her, contradicting the “Aquaman” actress’s claim, according to BBC.

Kate Moss went on to share the details of the incident when she fell down the stairs during a Jamaica trip with the “Into the Woods” actor. She recalled slipping down the stairs and hurting her back in the process.

The British model said she “screamed because [she] did not know what happened to [her],” adding that she was in pain. For his part, Johnny Depp “came running back to help [her] and carried [her] to the room and got [her] medical attention.”

Moss, in the end, emphasized that her former partner never pushed or kicked her throughout their relationship.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss dated from 1994 to 1998.