One state representative deemed the pandemic as inexcusable tragedy, while others are attributing the increased death toll to Cuomo’s policies. Experts on CNN, on the other hand, intentionally ask easy to answer questions during lighthearted interviews with his brother Chris Cuomo, who works as an anchor at CNN.

On Mar. 25, Cuomo reversed an order that made it mandatory for nursing homes to admit patients who have been tested positive for COVID-19 amid a dearth of testing for residents, as well as the staff. According to an executive order he signed on May 11, hospitals were not allowed to send patients back to nursing homes and boost testing for its staff, FOX News reported.

Between a short period of Mar. 1 to May 1, over 4,800 people have succumbed to the deadly virus in New York-based nursing homes, according to a count released by the governor’s office. About 25 percent of all the aforesaid deaths in New York have taken place in nursing homes.

Describing Cuomo's Mar. 25 order as his worst mistake in a piece entitled Andrew Cuomo’s Reckless Choices, National Review’s Kyle Smith accused the governor of ordering nursing homes to accept coronavirus positive patients, setting off a slew of time bombs in the state's elder-care facilities. Cuomo reversed this order on May 11.

NewsBusters analyst Nicholas Fondacaro pointed out on May 14 that Cuomo has been overpacking nursing homes with COVID-19 patients for weeks, which possibly claimed several lives, holding the Democratic New York Governor responsible for the nursing home disaster. Aside from local lawmakers who are demanding action, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y. has asked for a federal probe into the policy.

On Friday, Stefanik took to Twitter to announce that he is calling for a federal investigation of the New York governor's nursing home policies, in collaboration with his New York GOP colleagues. His tweet pointed out that they have admitted that they manipulated how the nursing home deaths reported, calling it an inexcusable tragedy for the state and demanding answers.

Nicole Malliotakis, N.Y. Republican Assemblywoman also demanded an independent federal investigation during an interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Malliotakis recalls Cuomo's remark about his mother and everyone else's mothers not being expendable, just a day before signing an executive order that forced nursing homes, where the most vulnerable people reside to accept patients with COVID-19.

There are 5,000 nursing homes residents or patients that have been packed into nursing homes that have relinquished life, which translates to about 25 percent of the deaths in New York, Malliotakis added. On Monday, Joe Borelli, N.Y. Republican Councilman explained the reason behind these bipartisan calls for an investigation.