Peter Navarro described the former administration as a "kumbaya of incompetence" on Sunday. On May 16, he strongly criticized the nation's response to the coronavirus crisis during his 2-hour long virtual commencement that targeted graduates of historically black universities and colleges. He said the pandemic has shown the country the real face of those in charge, revealing that they had no idea what they were doing, Politico reported.

In an interview with ABC’s "This Week," Navarro sarcastically noted that he was glad that Obama is now serving as Joe Biden's press secretary. Expressing his opinion on the Obama administration, Navarro said it was highly incompetent, and added that the country lost millions of manufacturing jobs to China when he was the president.

He said President Trump, on the other hand, managed to build modern history's most beautiful economy. Moreover, Navarro pointed out that the unemployment rates were 3.5 percent before the coronavirus pandemic increased fourfold, adding that China took it down in nearly thirty days.

Keeping in line with that, Navarro addressed the usage of the term China virus, explaining that the pathogen could have been restricted in Wuhan, where many believe it originated from. Not only did the Chinese government hide information, but Navarro says it allowed its citizens to go to other countries to spread the virus.

While admitting that he did not believe China purposely allowed COVID-19 to spread to other countries across the globe, Navarro cited FBI warnings that the Chinese government is attempting to hack intellectual property in an attempt to steal vaccines. After stealing the vaccine, China was planning to use it to hold the world hostage, which is why Navarro said he blamed the Chinese.

Navarro said President Trump is the only one to stand up to China, unlike his Democratic opponent Biden who's got forty years of sucking up to the Chinese government. Aside from that, he cited reports about Biden's son, Hunter taking billion dollars of loans from China. Trump continued lauding China throughout Feb. despite the virus spreading across the nation.

On Feb. 7, President Trump took to his Twitter handle to announce that he had a long telephonic conversation with China's President Xi, who Trump described as a strong, sharp, and powerfully focused leader who is bent on spearheading the counterattack on the pandemic. Pointing out that China is doing everything it can to control the virus, like building hospitals in just a few days.

On Jan. 30, which Navarro described as the starting point of the pandemic, President Trump restricted travelers from China to land in the United States, although there were a few exceptions.