Ever since the relationship between Taylor Swift and her British boyfriend Joe Alwyn became known to all, many fans are wondering whether the singer is permanently shifting to London or not. 

Several outlets have jumped the gun, claiming the singer is relocating to the United Kingdom for good after she started romancing her British boyfriend. It also appears that Swift is in isolation with Alwyn in London during the current pandemic that has further triggered the speculations. 

Reports have emerged about how Swift and Alwyn have been living in North London on and off after starting their relationship around three years ago. The singer went to the extent of telling a crowd last year that She has started regarding London as her second home.

It was also reported that model Cara Delevingne had loaned her home in Chiswick to Alwyn and Swift when their romance started in 2017. The lovebirds spent their 2018 Christmas in Ireland and stayed at a place called Glin Castle owned by Dominic West. 

While Swift was known for her epic parties, she stopped attending them after meeting her new boyfriend. The singer spent a quiet Christmas in 2017 with Alwyn and his parents in North London, Daily Mail reported a few months ago. 

An outlet claimed in Apr. 2018 that the songstress was purchasing a house in London to stay close to Alwyn. According to the tabloid, Swift was planning to purchase £30m house to be in proximity to her boyfriend in the city. 

When Gossip Cop checked on the story, they felt it was incorrect. An insider told the website that it was a “laughable” story. There was another report a month later, which insisted that Taylor Swift has moved into her boyfriend’s flat in London. 

According to an anonymous source, the songstress is spending all her time in the city with her boyfriend. However, although it is correct that the duo spends plenty of time in each other’s company; it does not mean that Swift moved in with Alwyn. She did not do so then though the singer is believed to be in isolation with her boyfriend in the city these days according to another report by Daily Mail

There have also been some ridiculous stories about how Swift only wished to spend her time with her celebrity friends in Britain. It was even rumored that she was willing to forget her American friends for this new set of British friends. 

However, Gossip Cop claims that there is no truth in all these reports though Taylor Swift is spending a lot of time in London because of her boyfriend. While the singer is reportedly in isolation with Joe Alwyn in London, there is no confirmation on the news of her permanently shifting to the city.