Reality TV star and socialite Kim Kardashian has joined the battle against COVID-19 by unveiling a range of non-medical face masks from her brand Skims.

The 39-year-old celebrity’s underwear brand called Skims has come up with a range of face masks, specially designed for wearing throughout the day. Similar to the brand's undergarments, these reusable face masks are stretchy and breathable. 

The face masks were launched last Saturday and are available in five different colors. The price of these masks starts from $8. The mom-of-four took to Twitter only a few hours after her new product was unveiled to intimate her 64 million online fans and followers that the new collection has been sold out for the day. 

She twitted that although the face marks were unavailable for the day; her company is collaborating with their local partner in Los Angeles to produce more quantities of these masks as early as possible. 

Kardashian founded Skims last year and the company is giving away 10,000 face masks to nonprofits such as Good+ Foundation, LA Food Bank, the National Domestic Workers Alliance advocacy group, and Baby2Baby.

Skims also shared that they are making the best possible efforts to support people who are affected by the coronavirus. The company is offering essentials to the victims of the pandemic and other needy people by donating $1 million to the above-mentioned charities, CNN International reports. 

In other news, the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star is reportedly irritated with her husband’s inconsistent and controlling behavior. Many will be aware that the reality TV star was furious after her husband made some provocative remarks on TMZ in 2018. 

West had revealed in the past that he is bipolar. The rapper’s alleged mental health could be causing the couple’s marital disharmony according to some reports. There have been also some rumors about how the couple is allegedly sleeping on different sides of their home. 

An anonymous source who claims to be close to this celebrity couple insisted that Kardashian and her husband are undergoing therapy sessions every week. It is said that both of them vent out their bitterness to an expert.

The expert, in turn, offers tips to them on how to communicate in a better manner according to the source. The same insider also revealed that the couple’s therapist is also recommending them to bring back the sizzle in their love life.

In Nov. last year, Kim Kardashian also revealed that their parenting styles are quite different from each other. The couple’s marriage has led to producing fantastic music, incredible professional growth, and four adorable kids, Screen Rant reports.