Kim Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West are reportedly utilizing their self-isolation time in the best possible way. Meanwhile, West’s former security guard feels that paparazzi were tipped off in advance about their whereabouts. 


There have been quite a few news reports claiming that the couple is spending plenty of time with their four children and are getting along quite well. An anonymous source maintains that the family is trying their best to strike a balance between their work, play-time, and homeschooling. 


The rapper is known to keep himself busy by playing with his children and watching films with them. He is also enjoying his wife’s cooking during this downtime. 


The celebrity couple feels thankful and trying to relax with their family. They are grateful to be healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic, Hit 107 reports. 


According to a source, the couple is trying to keep their young ones engaged and busy. Kardashian had disclosed earlier that the children are having fun during the lockdown. She also revealed that the theater room at their home is being used quite often lately. 


Meanwhile, an ex-bodyguard of the rapper, Steve Stanulis wonders how the paparazzi always had a clue of where the couple was going to be. Stanulis feels West could be informing them about his whereabouts in advance.


Stanulis was responsible for protecting the musician and insists that it did not look like a coincidence that the photographers were always aware of what they have to be present. 


The bodyguard added that someone must be tipping them ahead. He also says that it was his personal view. It could be coincidental that wherever Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went, the paparazzi were there. 


Stanulis used to be a police officer, as well as, a stripper before becoming a celebrity bodyguard. He also revealed some shocking tales of West’s diva behavior. 


For instance, the rapper’s former bodyguard disclosed that his ex-employer would always demand that he walked about ten paces behind him on all occasions while at public places. He said that it became quite tough for him to carry out his job because of that.


He narrated an incident when West refused even to press a lift button himself. He recalls that it was a day when he met the singer-songwriter and he was required to see him at the studio. 


When the duo got inside an elevator, the rapper asked him why he was not pushing the lift button. The bodyguard responded by saying that he was clueless about the floor as it was his first day at work, Mirror reports. 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are self-isolating at their Los Angeles home with their four kids. The mom-of-four has been also posting adorable throwback pictures on social media during the lockdown period.