Mega celebrity Brad Pitt has a gorgeous property in Los Angeles and was recently spotted looking relaxed and happy in his garden. Meanwhile, speculations are rife that the actor is trying to maintain an amicable relationship with Angelina Jolie now.


The “Troy” star has a fabulous property in LA where he is reportedly isolating amid the lockdown. Pitt gave a rare peek inside his expansive garden in a clip that he uploaded for the recent Missouri State University graduates. 


Pitt used to be a student of the same university before starting his acting career in Hollywood. The actor wanted to ensure that the students leaving the university feel motivated when things are so uncertain. 


The “Fight Club” actor said in the footage that he is supportive of the students’ endeavor and feels sure that they will try to make the world a better place. Pitt also congratulated the students and wished them luck for their future endeavors. 


Incidentally, the actor studied a course in journalism at the same university. He made up his mind to relocate to Los Angeles while in his final year. Thereafter, the actor pursued his acting career and what happened next is well known. 


Pitt was seen standing in his garden in the clip while he addressed the students and appeared relaxed and happy. His property in Los Angeles is in proximity to ex-wife Jolie’s home so that the kids can divide their time between their father and mother, HELLO! reports.


Meanwhile, Pitt and his former wife Jolie are considered to be one of the most publicized couples in Hollywood. According to reports, ever since Jolie split from Pitt, she is going through a rough phase in her life. The “Maleficent” star is reportedly taking care of all their six kids while Pitt is allegedly spending time with his new lady friend Alia Shawkat amid the coronavirus lockdown. 


There have been many reports that insist that the coronavirus pandemic is not going to end soon. An unnamed source has shared that the “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” star feels concerned about his former spouse Jolie. 


The same insider pointed out that things between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have improved as compared to their relationship in the past, Koimoi reports. The tipster further added that the former Hollywood power couple separated in 2016 and Jolie was given the custody of all their six children. 


Pitt, on the other hand, got unlimited visiting hours to meet the kids. Also, if reports are to be believed, Shawkat has been often seen in the “Fight Club” star’s neighborhood amid the COVID-19 lockdown.


There is no confirmation on whether Brad Pitt is trying to mend his relationship with his former wife Angelina Jolie as on date.