Wendy Williams made a rare appearance for the first time in a long time!

During a break from "The Wendy Williams Show," the famed talk show presenter was spotted in Miami, where she met with her younger brother Tommy.

Wendy, who hasn't been on her program since July 2021, has spent the whole month of January in Florida. She's in Miami with her son Kevin, Jr., who shared a photo of his mother eating breakfast in bed earlier this month.

On Jan. 21, eyewitnesses reported seeing her out and about.

Tommy Williams also claimed to have paid her a visit over the weekend, writing about it on a Facebook page and claiming that her sister is "doing fine." The singer was first spotted at the institution last month, and a photographer quizzed her about her intentions as she walked out.

Wendy kept things cryptic, but encouraged her supporters to expect more "Wendy" soon, according to Radar Online.

The claim's main flaw is that she hasn't done her hosting responsibilities in a couple of months.

She was supposed to return in September for the opening of her new season, but it was repeatedly postponed.

Wendy was suffering from medical concerns, according to her show's producers, and required more time with specialists. However, they failed to mention that she also checked herself into the hospital at her own will for a psychological evaluation.

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What's Wrong With Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams, who was once bright and sharp, is no longer the same, according to several sources, as she continues to fight severe medical challenges.

Her radiance has vanished, according to an insider who spoke to The Sun.

"That Wendy, who had that spark in her eyes, that cheeky grin, and that tiny wink for 10 years, is no longer there."

For the previously fiery daily personality, some days are allegedly better than others.

Wendy is stated to be unable to operate as she once did, requiring assistance with eating, dressing, and getting out of bed on occasion.

She even left the house in her robe and sans shoes, something the "old Wendy" would never do.

Wendy is suffering from several illnesses including Graves disease a condition that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid.