Prince Andrew has allegedly been stressing over the possibility that he could be sent to prison amid his ongoing sexual abuse lawsuit against Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

In its Jan. 24 issue, Life & Style claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell’s guilty verdict has also taken a toll on Prince Andrew. And after learning that Maxwell has been sentenced to 65 years in prison, the Duke of York couldn’t help but think that he could also suffer the same fate.

“Ghislaine’s guilty verdict doesn’t bode well for him and many believe the blame-the-victim defense he’s employed so far will most likely backfire as it did for Ghislaine. Though the royal wouldn’t serve jail time if he loses the civil lawsuit, there’s talk that what’s brought up in court could lead to a criminal case. Prison is his worst nightmare,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Prince Andrew is also worried about being forced to testify in the case. And whatever he says in court could be used against him in the end. As such, all these things have been making the Duke of York’s life a living hell.

Additionally, the royal family is allegedly worried about Queen Elizabeth, who has not taken the lawsuit very well. Since she’s already 95 years old, there are fears that she won’t make it until the end of the trial.

“She’s mortified that Andrew is dragging the family’s name through the mud. Aides are advising the queen to keep her distance from her favorite son,” the source said.

Last week, the queen already started to distance herself from the Duke of York after she decided to strip him of his HRH and military titles. The decision was reportedly very hard for the monarch, but she was left with no other choice.

Now that Prince Andrew no longer has his HRH and military titles, he will be tried as an ordinary citizen. He could also be asked to testify in court and may also end up in prison if he’s proven to be guilty.

But as of late, none of these things have happened. And it’s still possible for Prince Andrew to be able to clear his name as long as he’s able to show proof that will support his alibis.

Prince Andrew has not also been frozen out of the royal family contrary to the rumors.