Michelle Obama was allegedly the one that encouraged Barack Obama to make it big in Hollywood. But when he did, she couldn’t be more enraged.

In its Jan. 24 issue, Globe claimed that Barack has suddenly become so used to the limelight to the point that he’s been flaunting himself as some bigshot showbiz guru. However, Michelle couldn’t help but feel that she was being upstaged.

“Barack promised Michelle he’d come to Hollywood, but now she’s cringing because he’s strutting around like this power-crazed peacock. He’s on his lame mission to be cool with the showbiz crowd. Michelle’s embarrassed for them both and wishes he’d grow up and support her more with her career instead of cracking jokes, dropping names, and posting silly tweets,” the source said.

The Obamas have an estimated net worth of $70 million, which they have been building ever since they signed a lucrative deal with Netflix. Initially, Barack was allegedly unconvinced that jumping into the movie business was the right thing for them to do. But he recently had a change of heart.

“His star-studded 60th birthday in August made his head even bigger. Michelle’s patience is wearing thin,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that the former first lady wants her husband to stop sharing his favorite movie, music, and books especially now that they are producers of upcoming Netflix projects.

But there’s no stopping Barack especially after a lot of big-name Hollywood stars are wooing him to get free publicity.

“It’s really puffed up his head because stars and other producers have started lobbying him to get on it. They send huge gift baskets and even set up private screenings for him like he’s handing out Oscars or something. Michelle is at the end of her rope with it all,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no indication that the Obamas are feuding over their Hollywood careers.

This doesn’t make sense because Barack and Michelle are equally famous. And as a happily married couple, they are used to supporting each other. So, there’s no indication that they were ever in competition with one another.

It’s not also true that Michelle is furious with her husband’s success. If anything, the former first lady is most likely celebrating her husband’s popularity and fame.