Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have once again been dubbed as hypocrites for reportedly having grand ideas but never pulling through.

In its Jan. 24 issue, National Enquirer claimed that before Prince Harry and Markle quit The Firm, they promised to continue working with the charities close to their hearts.

Even though they managed to do so last year, sources revealed that the couple spent more money on their lawyers than on their charitable donations.

“The launch of Archewell made world headlines. Everyone expected money to pour in, but Harry and Meghan’s popularity plummeted after they accused the royal family of racism. People apparently didn’t buy into their high-and-mighty plan to save the world. Even their A-list Hollywood friends backed away,” the source said.

In 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also launched Sussex Royal after they cut ties with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Foundation. But just a year later, the Sussexes announced their decision to quit The Firm and relocate to the United States.

None of the funds from Sussex Royal were transferred to Archewell which was incorporated in the United States in 2020.

Instead, the couple shelled out $287,000 on Prince Harry’s sustainable travel company, Travalyst.

“Archewell’s dismal income spotlights the backlash against the Sussexes. Raising such a paltry sum while they signed deals worth over $100 million with Netflix, Spotify, and others is humiliating. Why didn’t they donate a couple million themselves to save face? The buzz is they’re such narcissists, they didn’t think of it,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Markle also made headlines this week after it was revealed that they started the year on the offensive.

The Sussexes just launched another complaint against the British government and media for reportedly denying their family police protection while they were in the United Kingdom.

Markle is still defending herself amid claims that she contributed to Omid Scobie’s book and wants some reporters and publications to clarify that it wasn’t her intention to mislead the court.

The latest move from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would most likely cost them thousands or even millions of dollars. But they seem determined to get the facts out there straight, according to Newsweek

It is also important to note that Prince Harry and Markle are using their money for their legal fees and not the money used or donated to their charities.