Prince Andrew had a tough year in 2021, but 2022 will not be easier for him.

The Duke of York has disappeared from public royal events since he was accused of raping Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was a 17-year-old sex slave to his late pedophile friend, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The latest report from Insider also said that Carolyn Andriano, a key witness, at Ghislaine Maxwell's trial claims Virginia Giuffre told her in 2001 she slept with Prince Andrew.

Entertainment Times reported at the end of last year that Prince Philip decided to cut some of royal members out of his $60 million will, including Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, and Prince Harry.  A source claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh knew just how much stress Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Prince Harry caused Queen Elizabeth so he’s out to get his revenge on his wife’s behalf.

Let's review what happened to Prince Andrew in the first week of the new year.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre Wanted $5 Million Settlement, But Deal No Longer Accepted

The Telegraph reported that sources claimed Virginia Roberts Giuffre initially sought a settlement of $5 million from Andrew, which is 10 times she got from Jeffrey Epstein who allegedly ordered the 38 years old accuser to have “disgusting” sex with the prince.

However, Giuffre is now no longer willing to settle out of court as the case looks set to go to trial later this year.

Prince William and Charles Absolutely Furious

Prince William and Prince Charles are said to be "absolutely furious" with Prince Andrew over his mounting sex case legal bills, and both think Queen Elizabeth should not pay for it.  Meanwhile, some sources have already said the Queen will not.

“They are both of the opinion that Andrew can sort out his own mess.” A source told the Mirror.

Prince Andrew Allegedly Plans To Discredit Meghan Markle By Using Duchess’ Lies Against Her If She’s Called To Testify  (Click To Visit The Full Story)

In its Jan. 17 issue, Globe claimed that Prince Andrew wants to use the lies that Markle said against the Duchess of Sussex. More specifically, the Duke of York allegedly plans to expose the truth about Markle’s involvement in Finding Freedom, as well as racism allegations.

A source claimed that Queen Elizabeth gave Prince Andrew the go signal to discredit Markle because the monarch is also worried about what the duchess would say.

Kate Middleton Allegedly Scared Meghan Markle Would Drag Her Name While Testifying Against Prince Andrew In Court

In its Jan. 17 issue, Star claimed that Middleton never really trusted Markle. And the future queen consort knows that her sister-in-law has a tit for tat attitude. As such, Markle might decide to get back at the royals for all the misery that they put her in by mentioning them in her testimony.

“Meghan has no regrets about slamming the royals in her big sit-down TV interview with Harry, so she’d relish the opportunity to speak badly of them if called to testify. Meghan is disgusted with Andrew. She thinks there’s no smoke without fire,” the source said.

Prince Andrew Couldn't Be Stripped Off His Royal Titles Amid His Sexual Abuse Scandal Because Of Prince Harry, Meghan

As of late, Prince Andrew hasn’t been formally charged with anything. But Virginia Roberts Giuffre continues to accuse the royal of sexually abusing her when she was still a minor.

Prince Andrew’s attorney is trying to clear his name by saying that the late Jeffrey Epstein and Giuffre signed an agreement in 2009 that Prince Andrew and his other high-profile friends wouldn’t be dragged into the scandal.

Now, there are some discussions regarding the future of the Duke of York, as well as his royal titles. Some royal fans believe that he should be stripped of his titles once he’s convicted. And others think that he should already lose his royal titles right now.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre's Ex-Boyfriend Anthony Figueroa Shares His Fears Over Possibility That Prince Andrew Won't Be Convicted

Anthony Figueroa, Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s boyfriend at the time when she filed a case against Prince Andrew, is breaking his silence after Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty.

During a recent interview, Figueroa said that he hopes everyone that committed a wrongdoing years ago would be held accountable for their actions.

However, he also acknowledged the possibility that out of everyone involved in the sex trafficking case, the Duke of York is the one who could get away with it. After all, he’s a member of the royal family and the British clan would also protect him no matter what.

Prince Andrew Doesn’t Have Manners, Disrespected Palace Staff Unlike Prince William, Prince Harry, Source Says

In the book Harry: The People’s Prince, former royal chef Darren McGrady detailed what it was like cooking for the royal family.

He said that Princess Diana raised her sons to have manners and to be respectful especially toward their household staff.

Every time the brothers want something, they would always use the word, please. And Prince William and Prince Harry never forgot to thank those that cooked and served their food.