Anthony Figueroa, Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s boyfriend at the time when she filed a case against Prince Andrew, is breaking his silence after Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty.

During a recent interview, Figueroa said that he hopes everyone that committed a wrongdoing years ago would be held accountable for their actions.

However, he also acknowledged the possibility that out of everyone involved in the sex trafficking case, the Duke of York is the one who could get away with it. After all, he’s a member of the royal family and the British clan would also protect him no matter what.

“Until I see him face the music about any of this, I honestly feel like more than likely somebody is going to get away with it. He [Prince Andrew] is royalty, so out of anybody, I imagine he would probably be one of them to not have to deal with any of this,” he said via Daily Mail.

Figueroa also detailed the conversation that she had with Giuffre shortly after the latter’s trip to London. When she returned, she told her then-boyfriend that she had been assaulted by Prince Andrew.

However, some people couldn’t also help but wonder why Figueroa is only speaking out now when he could’ve also done something to prevent the abuse from happening.

He said that he was just 19 when the abuse happened so he couldn't really do anything. Figueroa also pointed out that the people that were involved in the abuse are all rich and could destroy his life and the life of his entire family. 

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew’s lawyers are banking on a technicality to have the charges against him overthrown.

According to The Sun, attorney Andrew Brettler told Judge Lewis Kaplan that Epstein and Giuffre had an agreement in 2009 that would release Prince Andrew from any legal action. At the time, Giuffre also received a huge sum of money from the late sex offender.

But Kaplan said that he would rule on the future of the lawsuit very soon.

Brettler also questioned Giuffre’s accounts and described them as vague. The attorney also called Giuffre’s way of filing the lawsuit unconstitutional.

As of late, it’s still unclear whether or not Prince Andrew could be charged with sexual abuse or not.