Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse scandal is once again making headlines after Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on all charges.

As of late, Prince Andrew hasn’t been formally charged with anything. But Virginia Roberts Giuffre continues to accuse the royal of sexually abusing her when she was still a minor.

Prince Andrew’s attorney is trying to clear his name by saying that the late Jeffrey Epstein and Giuffre signed an agreement in 2009 that Prince Andrew and his other high-profile friends wouldn’t be dragged into the scandal.

Now, there are some discussions regarding the future of the Duke of York, as well as his royal titles. Some royal fans believe that he should be stripped of his titles once he’s convicted. And others think that he should already lose his royal titles right now.

During a recent interview, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said that it’s unlikely for Prince Andrew to lose his royal titles because of the precedent set by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

When the Sussexes announced their decision to quit The Firm, Queen Elizabeth banned them from using their HRH titles. However, informal documents, the couple’s HRH titles are still attached to their names.

Prince Harry and Markle are able to use their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles despite all the controversies that they were involved in. So, Fitzwilliams thinks that Prince Andrew will follow in their footsteps.

Since the Duke of York still has links to around 230 charities, he may not be able to use his HRH title in public, but he can still use it on paper. Prince Andrew will also be able to use his Duke of York title.

In fact, even Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson still goes by the Duchess of York. She no longer uses her HRH title since she’s already divorced from Prince Andrew, but she’s still known as the Duchess of York.

The same thing can be said about Princess Diana. After she divorced Prince Charles, she was still referred to as Princess Diana or the Princess of Wales. But she was no longer able to use her HRH title.

As of late, it’s still unclear what will happen to Prince Andrew if he’s found guilty of sexually abusing Giuffre. There are claims that he could be sent to jail, but others are saying that the royal family will do everything in their power to protect him.