Jennifer Lopez’s team allegedly wants her to split from Ben Affleck as soon as possible.

In its Jan. 3 issue, New Idea claimed that Lopez’s representatives are worried that the actress’s reputation could get tarnished due to her association with Affleck.

“They are worried she’s going to be canceled by ‘woke America.’ They’re in secret crisis meetings trying to get ahead of it all,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Lopez’s family and friends were not happy when they found out that she got back together with Affleck. After all, they’ve always had some concerns about the actor.

“J.Lo’s close friends have never been keen on her hooking up with Ben again. They wish she would dump him,” the source said.

What made things worse was the fact that Lopez came to Affleck’s defense after the actor said that he felt trapped in his marriage to Jennifer Garner.

Fans immediately rushed to Garner’s side to show her their support, but Lopez was the only person that stood by Affleck's side.

The Batman v Superman later clarified what he meant by what he said and explained that he didn’t mean to disrespect Garner. However, the damage has already been done and the public could not forget what he said.

Meanwhile, there are also other rumors surrounding Lopez and Affleck.

Earlier this week, there were claims that Lopez and Affleck are in a rush to settle down. However, Affleck’s celebrity friend and former co-star, Ellen Pompeo has allegedly been asking the actor to reconsider his decision.

A source told Globe that Pompeo doesn’t want Affleck to make sudden decisions that he could sustain. And the Grey’s Anatomy actress is also worried over the possibility that Affleck could cheat on Lopez just like what he did to Garner years ago.

However, all these claims made by the tabloids are just based on hearsays and rumors and not on facts. As of late, there’s no proof that Lopez’s team has been urging her to split from Affleck.

Even though they might have some concerns regarding the couple’s relationship, the decision to stay or leave Affleck is entirely dependent on Lopez.

It’s not also true that Pompeo is getting in between Lopez and Affleck’s relationship. After all, the couple is not in a rush to settle down despite all the rumors suggesting that they will soon tie the knot.