Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham are reportedly very close.

In fact, Beckham’s eldest son, Brooklyn had the opportunity to partner with Ramsay because of the athlete.

In its Jan. 3 issue, New Idea claimed that Ramsay and Beckham’s relationship suddenly became strained after the former found out about the latter’s plans.

Beckham allegedly intends to open restaurants and pubs without realizing that he would be in direct competition with the Australian chef.

“Becks doesn’t seem to realize that all of this is going to be in direct competition with Gordon, who’s long had a stronghold of English-style restaurants across the States. He has British pubs from coast to coast in the US, from Orlando to Lake Tahoe, including a bunch of flagship spaces in Las Vegas, where American customers eat up themed eateries,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Beckham shared his plans with Ramsay thinking that the latter would be happy for him. But to his surprise, the famed chef lashed out at Beckham and he didn’t also mince his words.

“He told him that under no circumstances would he support his plan. He seems to think it gives his blessing, next minute there will be Becks’ Beefy Burgers popping up next to his London flagships. It’s not something he wants,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There is no proof that Beckham is planning to open restaurants and pubs in the United States or in any part of the world. The athlete is already very busy with his work and his professional partnerships and engagements.

Due to the pandemic, now may not also be the best time to start businesses.

And even if Beckham decides to open a restaurant, this doesn’t mean that he would be in direct competition with Ramsay. After all, there are several other celebrity restaurants out there that are operational but do not compete with the Australian chef.

As for Ramsay not supporting Beckham’s plans, this isn’t true either. Ramsay will be thrilled to know that Beckham was inspired by his work as a restauranteur. And Beckham doesn’t also need Ramsay’s approval to open his own restaurant.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just making up these claims about Ramsay and Beckham for clickbait purposes.