Alex Rodriguez is reportedly taking revenge on Jennifer Lopez by sharing her performance in bed with his pals. 

Fans were gushing over the couple when they got engaged earlier this year, but their relationship didn't work out as the two separated a few months after. Following this, one report suggested that the baseball star is badmouthed his former lover to his friends as a form of revenge; could this be true?

A-Rod seeks revenge from the singer by sharing her performance in bed with his pals, according to a report published by the National Enquirer.

The Magazine reported that an insider said the two were "barely intimate" before they cut ties with each other.

The former lovers were seen displaying their affection in public, but the source revealed they did it only for the cameras. At home, they reportedly slept in different rooms. 

The singer reportedly would "likely admit things really petered out toward the end when the lack of trust set in."

Shortly after, the couple broke up and never addressed the issue publicly, but eagle-eyed fans were able to find out the secret through Instagram as the two unliked and removed each other's photos.

The Truth About Revenge Claims

Suggest later debunked the claims by saying if the magazine's claims were true, the story should be spreading across all platforms of social media, but it didn't.

The outlet also pointed out how Alex Rodriguez became lowkey with their separation by focusing on his children and staying mum about the issue.

Later on, Lopez reunited with her former fiance Ben Affleck and they started to have PDA-filled dates all around Los Angeles even if they are surrounded by family members.

Today, the two are still together, and many sources have been popping out everywhere suggesting that they may be heading to the altar soon.

On the other hand, Rodriguez was linked to "the Real Housewives" star after he reportedly asked Kelly Bensimon out on a date more than once.

However, his dating status remains unknown as he never publicly confirmed whether he's seeing someone today or not.

Alex Rodriguez Wants Lopez To Come Back

Months after the publication released the story about the athlete allegedly telling his pals about Lopez's secrets, they published a report regarding Rodriguez's determination.

The baseball star reportedly wanted Lopez to come back to him, so he went out with Demi Moore to make her jealous.

However, the outlet also debunked the claims by saying the two had no connection with each other aside from a friendly dinner date almost ten years ago.