Meg Ryan doesn’t want anything to do with her ex, John Mellencamp.

In its Nov. 29 issue, Globe claimed that the actress decided to have the locks on her house doors changed to ensure that Mellencamp cannot just barge in or visit.

Ryan also decided to buy a new farmhouse away from Montecito where she and Mellencamp used to live because she doesn’t want to have any more connections with her ex.

“One of the perks of buying the larger house is it’s a total fortress with massive gates and tall hedges and John can’t just pop by any time he likes. Meg realizes she needs to move on and the only way is if she’s decisive with this situation, which wears her down to the bone. Every time he rings her up, it calls into question everything she thought was true – and now she knows he needs to get lost because this guy is bad news,” the source said.

The insider added that Ryan doesn’t want to have any more drama because it seems that this is all that Mellencamp brought to the table when they were still together.

“She doesn’t think it’s healthy and wants nothing to do with him. She’s not buying the ‘aw shucks’ routine. This is the first time she’s slammed the door, locked it, and walked away – but whether John realizes this is the end of anyone’s guess,” the source said.

Ryan and Mellencamp have been together for quite some time, but they first called it quits in 2011. Shortly after, the exes got back together before ending their relationship and their engagement months ago.

A source told E! News that Ryan was the one that initiated the breakup because she became exhausted with their relationship.

“There were so many ups and downs and it wasn't healthy. She just needed to get out and not be in that environment anymore ... She cares about John but it was time for her to move on. She knows she made the right decision and is happy,” the source said.

Since Ryan and Mellencamp are no longer together, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for the actress to change homes or to even change locks. After all, there’s also no reason for Mellencamp to keep visiting his ex because they have broken up a long time ago.