Victoria Beckham doesn’t allegedly appreciate the fact that people keep asking her if she will join the Spice Girls reunion tour in 2023.

In its Dec. 3 issue, Heat UK claimed that Posh Spice is fed up with all the questions because her answer is still the same. She won’t be joining the Spice Girls tour.

“Vic is so fed up with having this conversation over and over. She has been asked again and again – by the band and by the public – to do it, but there’s no way she’ll do a tour. She’s got a whole different life now and wants to focus on her family and her fashion and personal brands. No means no, and it’s infuriating to see these rumors claiming she might come back,” the source said.

A source claimed that the other members of Spice Girls have been discussing their plans for a reunion tour in 2023. And they are all on board. However, the group is having a hard time convincing Posh Spice to join them even for just one performance.

Sources revealed that fans are also lobbying for Beckham to reunite with Spice Girls. So, the four girls said that they should start a petition to try and encourage the mom of four to participate in the tour.

However, this just puts more pressure on Beckham and she’s not happy about it.

“It’s really upset Vic. She feels like she’s now going to hear about nothing else for the next two years. She even got asked about it on US telly recently when she was meant to be promoting her beauty range,” the source said.

But Mel C, Mel B, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton just want their fans to have the best time at their concert that’s why they want Beckham to be there.

“The truth is, they do feel as though she is sticking two fingers up at them when she keeps turning down their offers. Of course, they all know she’s gone onto incredible success with her fashion business, but they feel that she needs to be more appreciative of the band that made her famous,” the source said.

As of late, there’s no known plans for a Spice Girls reunion. So, all that’s being said by the tabloid should be taken with a grain of salt.

There’s also no proof that Beckham is upset whenever she’s questioned about the reunion tour because Spice Girls was such a huge part of her life.