Victoria Beckham was allegedly shaken up after learning that a Russian-based hacker group stop her company’s client list, invoices, receipts, and other important documents.

In its Nov. 13 issue, Heat UK claimed that the recent hacking and stealing of documents put the Spice Girls member in a spin.

“She’s really shaken up and worried about what else could be in the pipeline. What type of information have they got hold of? The insinuations are that the hackers could leak ‘embarrassing’ data. While she feels they have nothing to hide, she fears that if something negative comes out, then it could ruin their brand. There’s a fear that if companies with exclusive client lists, such as Graff, can be attacked, then how easy would it be for them to hack less exclusive places?” the source said.

According to the source, Victoria and her husband, David are concerned about the privacy and security of their children. Since the hackers were able to get into their personal files, it’s possible that they also have private information about Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

As such, the Beckhams have allegedly decided to sit down with their four children and discuss with them the possible risks that they might face. And they also want to do damage control so that their children won’t panic.

The source said that the Beckhams decided to hire a team of experts and a security team to help them get to the bottom of the hacking. Victoria and her husband, David also want to make sure that no important information regarding their company will be leaked by the hackers.

While it is true that the incident served as a huge breach of the privacy of the Beckhams, no one knows what actions they have employed to deal with the issue.

So, it’s possible that the tabloid is just making up this story because the Beckhams have not addressed the matter publicly.

Meanwhile, Victoria seems to be doing well. This week, she announced her new partnership with Reebok. The collection will be fittingly called Reebok x Victoria Beckham, and David couldn’t be more proud and supportive.

According to Hello! magazine, the first of the three social media takeovers took place on Nov. 8, and it featured Tracy Anderson. More takeovers will happen in the coming days.

David liked his wife’s photos in support of her latest venture.