Victoria Beckham was allegedly the one that encouraged David Beckham to sign a deal with the World Cup because of the good pay offer.

In its Nov. 12 issue, Heat UK claimed that the Beckhams have always been accused of being greedy. The couple doesn’t also seem to mind the backlashes that they received before they’re just focused on the money that David will get.

“Vic is obviously fully behind David and knows how much this deal will bring in and really push them into the super-rich category. But she doesn’t want to upset fans – especially those from the LGBTQ+ communities. She wants them to be reassured that they’ve thought this through. But they are obviously very happy with the deal David has signed and there’s no denying it will give a huge cash injection to their future,” the source said.

Last month, David signed a lucrative deal to become the new face of World Cup 2022, which will take place in Qatar. However, his decision to team up with the country was criticized by his fans because of Qatar’s history with racism, misogyny, and persecution of women.

David’s supporters are encouraging him to cut ties with Qatar immediately, but he refused. In fact, the football star stressed that the sport can help bridge differences.

The source claimed that Victoria also had some reservations regarding the deal initially, but she ended up supporting her husband. After all, she realized that she can’t really do anything if David wants to work with World Cup.

“Becoming the face of Qatar was a commercial decision that David stands by, and he expected the backlash in Britain,” the source said.

However, it is important to note that A-listers can’t always please their supporters. And no matter what they do, those that dislike them will always have something negative to say.

At the end of the day, David has his own reasons for accepting the deal, and it’s unlikely that he’s just after his huge paycheck. After all, the Beckhams are well-off.

As for Victoria, the fashion designer has been criticized time and again and accused of being a money-grabber. But no one has been able to prove that this is the case.

David and Victoria are each other’s strong support system, so they will definitely stand by each other’s professional and personal decisions no matter what.