Meghan Markle has been depicted as the strict and ruthless wife ever since she and Prince Harry tied the knot.

In its Nov. 29 issue, Life & Style claimed that Markle’s strictness has reached a shocking level because she now monitors Prince Harry’s spending.

A source claimed that this is a shock because Prince Harry is the one bringing in more money for their household. After all, Markle wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same work opportunities that she has now if she didn’t marry her husband years ago.

During her recent interview, Markle also said that she doesn’t buy anything online without using vouchers and promo codes. Even though she and Prince Harry have so much money, the Duchess of Sussex claims to be very serious about their finances.

“Meghan says she’s just being mindful of their finances since she grew up on a budget, but checking Harry’s credit card statement definitely crosses the henpecked line. He’s a grown man who can check his own statements. Meghan clearly likes being in control, though. She doesn’t like surprises,” the source said.

Other than Markle, the tabloid also named a slew of other actresses that also, allegedly, wear the pants in their marriages.

The tabloid claimed that Nicole Kidman has several bedroom rules that Keith Urban has to abide by.

“Nicole knows to keep Keith happy in the bedroom, but it comes at a price. He needs to wine and dine her, which he doesn’t mind but there are a few other hard directives that Keith must adhere to as well. It’s a control thing on her part, but she’s not kidding,” the source said.

The tabloid also claimed that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna tracks her husband’s whereabouts. When her daughters were just teenagers, Rinna proudly said that she controls the phones of whoever resides in her home.

But now that they are much older, Rinna has no other phone to track but her husband’s. And the reality TV star insists that she’s doing it for everyone’s safety.

“Lisa was a helicopter mom and now she’s the ultimate helicopter wife. Harry just rolls his eyes and takes it,” the source said.

While these claims may be true, it is important to note that they did not come directly from the people involved. Prince Harry, Rinna’s husband, and Urban have not publicly complained about anything pertaining to their wives.