Kate Middleton has proven time and over again that she is a Queen in the making. Many have even praised her after standing in for Queen Elizabeth II at the recent Remembrance Sunday service.

Kate seemed to be fighting back tears as she stood on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office balcony, overlooking the Cenotaph. The future queen consort was with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Sophie Wessex.

The Monarch could not make it to the event after straining her back. However, many commended Prince William's wife, saying it was where she excelled-"respect, decency and occasion," Express noted.

She was said to be one of the royal family members to be proud of. Others felt glad to see her in the Queen's spot, as some said she was the "diamond in the crown."

With these things said, it could not be denied that many saw Kate as the "real asset to the royal family." She was supposed to stand next to Queen Elizabeth and Camilla to pay tribute to everyone who had given their lives for the country.

However, the Queen's absence made her front and center after deciding with "great regret" that she could no longer travel to central London to attend the event. This is just one of the many times that the Duchess of Cambridge has proven she is the Queen in the making.

Though she was often called a "commoner," her being a "commoner queen" would make her relate to her subjects compared to other consorts, per Insider. With their stand, many might find the royal family unrelatable.

But with Kate on their side, this perspective could be changed. With that said, many see her as the next Princess Diana.

Some even said she follows in the footsteps of the People's Princess's "no pushover approach to parenting." In an interview with People in 2020, a friend said they had a normal, busy family home with kids running here and there and knocking a few things over, making her a very confident mother with no pushover.

However, if Princess Diana was called People's Princess, Kate received the nickname "Children's Princess" due to her commitment to the youth. It has been known that she has been committed to children's early years and even launched the "Five Big Questions" survey that aims to start an important conversation about the importance of early childhood.