Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa Middleton, and the latter’s husband, James Matthew could allegedly be heading for a divorce.

In its Nov. 15 issue, New Idea claimed that Pippa and Matthews are struggling in their marriage. After the birth of their second child in March, the couple allegedly stopped seeing eye to eye.

The tabloid published a photo of the couple with their serious faces and claimed that they weren’t smiling because they were feuding at the time. However, there’s no proof that this is what happened.

In fact, it seems even weirder if Pippa and Matthews are laughing and smiling while their backs are turned towards each other.

Still, a source for the tabloid claimed that Pippa and Matthew’s marriage is in crisis.

“They are fighting over everyone from bath times to pastimes, and it isn’t just down to sleepless nights with a new baby. James is a former racing pro and he insisted on going to the Formula One [F1] in the States for their first post-baby getaway, which she wasn’t exactly thrilled about given most of her posh friends are whisked off to lush places like Antigua and Bora Bora,” the source said.

The source added that Pippa couldn’t help but compare her marriage to Kate and Prince William since the royal couple has been going strong since 2011

Pippa also thinks that her brother, James is deliriously happy with his new wife, Alizee Thevenet.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s unlikely for Pippa and Matthews to be fighting over their travel destination.

Since the couple has known each other for years, it’s also unlikely for them to be arguing over such trivial things.

While it is true that parenting two children might be a chore, it’s not unusual for Pippa and Matthews to butt heads over their parenting styles. However, this isn’t necessarily enough for the couple to end up divorcing each other.

There’s also no proof that Pippa has been comparing her marriage to the relationships of her two siblings. After all, what she has with Matthews is different from what her siblings have with their respective partners.

Prince William and Kate’s marriage, for instance, is unlikely to be perfect. Even though they are royals and millions of people look up to them, at home they are just like any other normal couple that also goes through challenges and fights sometimes.