Alec Baldwin may have just implicated himself following the accidental shooting of Rust's assistant director, Halyna Hutchins.

In its Nov. 22 issue, National Enquirer claimed that the sound of Baldwin’s voice when he spoke to the press outside the set in New Mexico was telling of what really transpired.

The tabloid also spoke with a voice analyst, who listened to Baldwin’s interview. A certain Michael Sylvestre concluded that the actor was lying.

“He is flat-out lying when stating they were a very well-oiled machine. I’d say they were a dysfunctional crew at best. He actually says the word ‘very’ twice – so when I look at that there was a lot of stress. He was definitely being deceptive,” the source said.

Sylvestre added that when Baldwin called Hutchins her friend, there was stress in his voice, which suggested that the two were not that close, to begin with.

“Maybe she wasn’t as much of a friend or the type of friend he was trying to allude to. He obviously has a motivation to call her a good friend to push away the possibility of any involvement in her death,” the source said.

Even though the tabloid’s voice analyst wasn’t involved in Baldwin’s case in any way, he was similar to what another expert explained.

Last week, one expert spoke with Entertainment Tonight to say that Baldwin must have dug himself a deeper hole after he told the press that they were a well-oiled machine.

If his accounts were true, this means that the mistake can solely be blamed on the actor. After all, everyone from the staff and crew did their jobs properly.

Baldwin’s lawyer has prevented him from speaking to the press following the incident. So, no one knows for sure where the actor’s head is at now.

But earlier this week, a crew member filed a lawsuit against Baldwin and two other members following the accidental shooting.

In the court documents obtained by Fox News, gaffer Serge Svetnoy claimed that the actor and two others’ alleged negligence caused him severe emotional stress.

The gaffer also said that the Rust lead star should’ve treated the gun as though it was loaded even if it was not because this was part of his responsibility.

However, Baldwin was told that what he was holding was a cold gun that’s why he didn’t think anything of it.

After firing the loaded gun, he killed Hutchins and injured Rust director Joel Souza.