Cloud is still over Brian Laundrie's mysterious death. New rumors find "evidence" suggesting that Brian Laundrie's dad faked his death and "evidence" of his death.

A photo of Brian Laundrie's father Chris went viral over the past weekend, implying that he may have placed some "evidence" at a Florida park.

Chris and Roberta Laundrie directed North Port authorities and FBI agents to a swampy area in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park where their son's remains, a dry plastic bag, and a notebook belonging to him were discovered during the month-long search for the fugitive.

Is This Proof That Chris Laundrie Committed A Crime?

Chris Laundrie was photographed carrying a white bag that appears extremely similar to the one found at Florida Park, according to Twitter user @johnmarchetti.

A rectangular object can be seen at the bottom of the plastic bag, which is presumed to be the notebook and other stuff within.

"Notebook? " enquired the poster.

Some speculated that it was Brian Laundrie's notebook recovered near the stream, while others speculated that it was a different bag. However, it can be seen in reports from the day of the search that it is the same clothing Chris Laundrie wore that day and in the photo that has gone popular on Twitter.

@CynChic responded to the post, saying, "It's insane we are hearing nothing about this case anymore nothing about the notebook or anything." "It's like this never even happened but I think about it every day. Just mind-blowing to me."

Another Twitter user, @BolfJeanette, shared her theory about how the elder Laundrie jumped through the bushes to get it while his wife was waiting. They later reunited "with no emotions."

@DavesSweeps posted a video of Chris searching in the bushes as he discovered the backpack near his son's skeletal remains, saying it was convenient for Chris and Roberta to find the bag.

Brian Laundrie's Relative Is A Dentist

Other social media users have discovered that Brian Laundrie's uncle is a dentist and is said to be his dentist - the person who confirmed the remains.

@ZmattsT said, "Turns out Brian Laundrie's Uncle is his Dentist. I say "is" his Dentist because Brian Laundrie is alive. Still waiting on the DNA ~ if the Laundries haven't had the remains cremated yet. Did you happen to notice the rectangular shape in the backpack Mom had that day & the park?"

@24hoursalove1 tweeted, "omg what? #brianlaundrie uncle was the dentist that said yes to the dental match? is this true or #fakenews????"

"i am skeptical of everything surrounding that 'discovery' of alleged Laundrie remains by his parents etc when cadaver dogs were missing it for days before."

As of this writing, no autopsy findings have been released to determine how Brian Laundrie died, but despite the Laundries' disputed claims of putting their son's bones where they were discovered, social media users can't help but think Brian Laundrie is still alive.

Previous Findings

The FBI confirmed Thursday afternoon that partial human remains discovered Wednesday in a Florida wilderness region were those of Brian Laundrie, the fiance of Gabby Petito, a young lady who vanished while on a road trip with Laundrie.

Authorities also discovered things suspected to be Laundrie's after his parents, Chris and Roberta, joined the FBI and police in the search more than a month after Laundrie went missing after traveling to the sprawling Carlton Reserve park.

"On October 21, 2021, a dental record comparison established that the human remains discovered at the T Mabry Carlton Jr Memorial Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park are those of Brian Laundrie," the FBI said in a Twitter post.