Meghan Markle is allegedly gearing to appear in a biopic for Netflix.

In its Oct. 25 issue, OK! magazine claimed that Markle has been secretly recording clips from her life in the United States because this will be part of her upcoming project.

Initially, the clips were allegedly recorded to be used for a Netflix documentary with Prince Harry. But the source said that it will also be used for a biopic centered on Markle’s life alone.

“But the word among her inner circle is that the footage will also be used for a definitive docufilm. Her childhood, her acting career, time inside the monarchy, and making a new home in California with her family,” the source said.

The insider claimed that the people behind the biopic won’t have a hard time filming their scenes because Markle has been keeping tabs on everything.

“Meghan’s a real squirrel, and she’s been keeping notes, mementos, and more from long before she met Harry,” the source said.

The insider then contradicted their initial claims by saying that the biopic won’t necessarily center on Markle’s life as a child, as well as her acting career.

Rather, it will mostly focus on her life as a royal, as well as the struggles and bullying that she faced while she was in the United Kingdom.

The insider said that it is not Markle’s intention to embarrass the royal family with her biopic. The Duchess of Sussex simply wants to share her side of the story.

Still, the source is convinced that Markle’s biopic will keep the royals on their toes for fear that they will be criticized in the project.

Luckily for the Royals, there’s no reason for them to be worried because Markle won’t be starring in a biopic.

In fact, she and Prince Harry aren’t also starring in a documentary for Netflix.

When the couple signed a multi-year deal for the streaming giant, they made it clear that they will work behind the scenes and not in front of the camera.

This proves that Prince Harry and Markle have no plans to use Netflix to become big-time celebrities.

The couple also said that they will use the platform to promote the causes that are closest to their hearts.

This isn’t the first time that Markle is rumored to star in a biopic or a documentary.

In fact, even before she quit The Firm, there were already claims that she will be appearing in a tell-all.