Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard seem to be one of Hollywood’s happiest and strongest couples. However, their marriage is far from perfect.

During their interviews, Bell and Shepard have both made it clear that their marriage hasn’t always been easy. But they are both committed to making things worse.

Last year, Shepard broke his 16-year sobriety after he became addicted to pain medications.

At the time, the actor came clean about his relapse and Bell publicly showed her support for her husband.

Bell allegedly claimed that she didn’t get mad at Shepard following the relapse.

But in its Oct. 25 issue, OK! magazine claimed that this isn’t entirely the case.

In fact, the Frozen star was terribly upset with Shepard for breaking his 16-year sobriety.

“That was the summer of 2020, so there were two anxious people under one roof in lockdown having to deal with each other. They struggled, but after a tearful discussion, they agreed to fight for their marriage,” the source said.

Shepard then committed to his marriage and sobriety so Bell couldn’t help but be impressed with her husband.

“Kristen is so impressed with him for turning his life around. And Dax credits her for giving him an inner strength he never thought he had. Ultimately, Kristen and Dax are best friends so they have way more fun together than they do apart. It’s a very equal and mature relationship, but they still make each other laugh and have white-hot chemistry too,” the source said.

Earlier this year, Bell opened up about Shepard’s relapse during her interview with Self magazine.

The actress said that Shepard immediately came clean to her about his relapse that’s why they were able to get it under control.

During their conversation, Bell asked Shepard to think of ways on how he wanted to address the problem. And the actor said that he will be open to drug testing at any given time.

Bell said at the time that she’s not had to test Shepard for drugs because even after he relapsed, she still trusts him.

In fact, the actress said that she’s proud of her husband for trying and evolving. And it’s also obvious that he’s committed to getting better.

Bell’s previous statements prove that the actress was never upset with Shepard for relapsing. In fact, Bell was understanding of the situation.