Victoria Beckham is allegedly obsessed with looking young, and she will go to great lengths to make sure that she will never age.

Just recently, the Spice Girls member revealed that she goes to Germany to get a series of treatments from a renowned doctor. And this revelation paved the way for at least one tabloid to exploit what the singer is doing.

In its Oct. 22 issue, Heat UK claimed that Beckham fears the day that she would look old. So, while she still can, the fashion designer wants to take good care of her skin and her body.

Beckham doesn’t also like to wear makeup at all times. And this is why she decided to get regenerative treatments because it makes her skin look fresh and supple even without makeup on.

“It’s the secret to Vic not having to wear makeup and to keeping herself in the best condition,” the source said.

Beckham’s entire family is allegedly supportive of the treatments that she’s been getting because they know that she doesn’t like to get old.

“She’s obsessed with it and some friends think she may have gone too far, but for her and David, health is wealth. Everything is about optimizing their physical and mental wellbeing. Money is no factor, she’s always had the best doctors, but the older she gets, the more seriously she takes it all,” the source said.

Even though it’s true that Beckham has been getting regenerative treatments from one of the best spas in Germany, there’s no way for a tabloid to know all these details about what she’s had done.

After all, there’s still patient-doctor confidentiality at the clinic. And the only way to know the treatments that Beckham has received is by getting the information straight from her.

However, it is also important to note that the tabloid’s story on Beckham was not meant to throw shade at the former singer. After all, the tabloid said that regenerative treatments are good for physical and mental health.

Still, the only incorrect statement that the tabloid used is the word obsessed because it's hard to confirm whether or not Beckham is obsessed with the treatments. 

It’s also true that Beckham is already in her late 40s, and she will turn 50 in just three years. So, now is really the best time for her to take good care of herself especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.