Victoria Beckham and David Beckham’s youngest son, Cruz is dating Bliss Chapman.

In its September 11 issue, Heat UK claimed that Cruz and Chapman have been dating for over a year. But it was only recently that they went public with their relationship.

The young couple attended a festival in Reading, and they were photographed strolling hand in hand.

A source for the tabloid claimed that Cruz’s mom is very happy with his decision to publicize his relationship with Bliss. After all, the former Spice Girls singer adores her son’s boyfriend.

“Vic is thrilled that Cruz is with Bliss and thinks it’s a good thing for him. She had feared he would be out dating new girls every week, as he’s always been the wild one,” the source said.

The source also said that Cruz grew up knowing that he’s a heartthrob. And a lot of girls chase him around. So, when the 16-year-old told his parents that he’s in a serious and monogamous relationship with Chapman, they were so elated.

“Vic’s happy that he’s with someone who’s his best friend, rather than him thinking it’s a great idea to play the field. Plus, Bliss is one of her friends’ daughters, so she knows her already. She’d very much like to see Cruz settle into a relationship nice and early – she thinks it would be good for him,” the source said.

However, the tabloid saying all these things makes it seem as though Cruz and Chapman are already settling down. They have seemingly forgotten the fact that Cruz is just 16 years old, so it’s unlikely for him to want to tie the knot anytime soon.

This isn’t the first time that the tabloid alleged that Victoria is so involved with the relationships of her children.

Following her eldest son Brooklyn’s engagement last year, there were claims that Victoria wanted to be the one to plan the wedding.

There were also claimed that Victoria is the one deciding on who Brooklyn and his fiancé should invite to their big day.

However, none of these rumors are true. Victoria isn’t overly involved with her children’s personal lives. But it is true that she’s very close to each one of her kids.

It’s also not true that Cruz is the wild child. And the fact that the tabloid was unable to provide any concrete proof that this is the case suggests that they are just speculating on who he really is.