Victoria Beckham is allegedly masterminding the careers of all her children.

In its Oct. 8 issue, Heat UK claimed that Beckham wants to become the top momager in the world, beating out Kris Jenner.

A source claimed that if not for Beckham, her son Romeo wouldn’t have been part of one of the best and most popular football teams in the United Kingdom.

“Posh has been influential in getting Romeo on the team. It might have seemed like she was pushing him into it, but really, she’s helped him find direction and commit when he was holding off on making a decision,” the source said.

The source claimed that Romeo initially wanted to pursue a career in tennis. But he didn’t have what it takes to be drafted as a pro that’s why he shifted to football.

“He didn’t go into it with quite the same passion, but it is in his blood. after all. His mom encouraged him to see this as a real career option because he can play, help his dad build his club, and use the time to explore other options on a good salary,” the source said.

Other than Romeo, Beckham is also busy making sure that her son Brooklyn's career will also flourish.

The Spice Girls member has allegedly been encouraging Brooklyn to start his career on YouTube and Facebook by doing an at-home chef series.

Brooklyn also has the support of his dad, but David Beckham also wants to make sure that Brooklyn will first receive cooking lessons from Chef Gordon. After all, David is protective of his kids, and he doesn’t want them to be bashed on social media.

Gordon allegedly spoke with Brooklyn and told him that he believes in his talent for cooking. However, the only way for him to succeed in the industry is if he would take it seriously.

But by the looks of it, Brooklyn’s parents are the ones that want him to pursue this career path and not him.

Still, it doesn’t seem surprising to know that the Beckhams want all their kids to succeed. And Victoria and David won’t shy away from giving their kids all the help that they need to boost their respective careers.

 However, it is not true that Beckham is trying to compete with Jenner to become the top momager of her celebrity kids.