Tom Cruise is allegedly worried about his deepest, darkest secrets being exposed after some of his things were stolen while filming in London.

In its September 20 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Cruise’s hush-hush communications about Scientology could also be spilled because his personal belongings are nowhere in sight.

“This is Tom’s worst nightmare, really. And it has the potential to get extremely messy if the thieves mine through Tom’s data and then leak it. The word is that Tom may have had electronics filled with personal secrets about his world from business transactions and relationships to communications with Scientology bigwigs,” the source said.

The insider added that Cruise’s private conversations with Scientology leader David Miscavige might also be exposed.

According to the insider, the Mission: Impossible actor is worried because he has spent his entire life making sure that his public image is clean. So, the last thing he wants is for the entire world to know that he’s keeping a lot of secrets.

Following the incident, workers on the set of Mission: Impossible are beefing up their security to keep everyone safe.

“Tom’s ordered a full inquest into what went on and wants a lot more protection around him 24/7, plus the return of his possessions. This really set off his hair-trigger temper and he’s raising hell right now with his entourage,” the source said.

Last month, reports revealed that Cruise’s BMW was stolen by thieves. And the vehicle contained a lot of his personal belongings.

According to the Independent, the actor’s car is was parked at a hotel when the robbery took place. Following the incident, Cruise’s security team didn’t have any idea how the robbery took place.

A source said that the incident proved to be a huge embarrassment for Cruise’s security team. And Cruise was fuming mad following the incident.

Cruise’s luggage has also been recovered since it has a tracking device. But the contents of the luggage are no longer there.

But while it is true that there was a robbery incident involving Cruise recently, it’s not true that the actor is worried about his deepest, darkest secrets getting exposed.

After all, Cruise is filming in London so if he has deep, dark secrets, he would most likely not bring them to the country with him. And he would’ve kept the secret files hidden in his home.