Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie Spears may have given up his conservatorship, but he’s not backing down in any way.

In fact, Life & Style recently claimed that the singer’s dad is most likely behind all the negative press surrounding the “Toxic” singer lately.

Following his departure as his daughter’s conservator, news claimed that Spears mistreated one of her household helpers by hitting her with a phone.

Spears was allegedly furious at the helper after learning that her dogs had been taken away amid allegations of animal abuse.

Sources close to Spears have been accusing her dad of spreading the negative press about the singer. And the tabloid is seemingly saying the same thing.

After all, Spears is allegedly convinced that her dad still has so much power over her even though he’s no longer her conservator.

“She says Jamie still has a lot of power and is dragging her feet because he doesn’t really want to give up control. All this negative press can work in his favor. Britney thinks the timing is very suspicious,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Spears thinks she’s being set up and is looking at everyone she employs in her home as a possible spy. After all, the majority of her household staff were employed by her dad.

According to the source, Spears can already taste her freedom. And she doesn’t want anyone or anything to prevent her from getting away from her dad. But right now, the singer still feels somewhat trapped.

Meanwhile, the tabloid claimed that Spears wants Jason Rubin, a certified public accountant to become her new conservatory.

The singer’s lawyers described Rubin as highly qualified and professional.

Rubin recently made headlines after a judge dismissed his efforts to become a temporary guardian over his mother, who is allegedly suffering from mental health issues.

However, nothing has been finalized yet and Spears’ battle against her dad is far from over.

Over the years, the conservatorship affected Spears's relationship with her entire family.

Following reports that Jamie has given up his conservatorship over Spears, the singer’s mom released a statement in support of the decision.

Lynne Spears said that Jamie is incapable of putting their daughter’s interests ahead of his own. She also revealed that Jamie had several physical altercations with their children while they were growing up.