Carrie Underwood wants nothing more than to see her friend, Kelly Clarkson happy.

As such, a source for National Enquirer claimed that Underwood is trying to help Clarkson find someone to date.

After Clarkson told Underwood that she’s ready to find love, the latter allegedly started putting in the work by finding the former’s perfect match.

“Kelly feels the time has come, and she wants Carrie to pull the trigger and find the perfect guy for her. Kelly has the ultimate trust in Carrie,” the source said.

Luckily for the talk show host, Underwood is more than happy to help her out.

According to the source, Clarkson also feels as though one chapter of her life is over now that she’s broken free from her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock. And she’s now ready to turn on the page.

“Carrie’s also reached out to Dolly Parton to let her know about her little project and is taking recommendations from the Queen of Nashville,” the source said.

Reba McEntire has also allegedly offered to help Clarkson find love. And this is why the singer is confident that it’s only a matter of time before she goes out on a date again. After all, Nashville royalties are helping her out.

But two weeks ago, Globe claimed that Clarkson is still struggling following her divorce that’s why she’s not ready to find love just yet.

So, months after meeting a psychic on her talk show, she decided to reach out to him again for some help.

After getting a private reading from the psychic, Clarkson noticed how happier and lighter she felt. So, she’s allegedly planning to do more readings to help calm her down.

However, none of these rumors about Clarkson are true. The singer isn’t asking Underwood or any of her friends in Nashville to help her find love.

There’s also no truth to the rumors that Clarkson turned to hypnosis to help calm her down.

Months have passed since Clarkson announced her divorce from Blackstock. And she seems to be doing better and better.

The award-winning singer is focused on raising her two children. And she also has a busy career ahead.

Other than hosting her own talk show, Clarkson also acts as a coach on The Voice.

So, with all the things on her plate, it seems love isn’t a priority for Clarkson for now.