Kelly Clarkson has allegedly been convincing her good friend, Blake Shelton to leave her ex-husband’s management.

In its August 30 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Clarkson is forcing Shelton to cut ties with Blackstock.

Shelton has been under Blackstock’s dad’s management, Starstruck Entertainment since 2010.

But following Blackstock’s recent demands for spousal support, Shelton believes that it’s time for them to end their professional relationship.

“Blake is still technically represented by Brandon and his father Navel’s firm, Starstruck Entertainment. But he has one foot out the door – and that’s because of Kelly. He’s looking for new representation,” the source said.

Even though Shelton has had a ton of milestones with his current management, he has opted to take Clarkson’s side in her ongoing divorce battle. After all, Shelton and Clarkson are like sisters.

Now, the source is insisting that Blackstock and his dad are stressing out over the possibility of losing Shelton.

Their management has already lost millions following Clarkson’s exit last year. And they could lose more millions if Shelton finalizes his decision to leave the management.

“That’s why he’s fighting so hard for every penny he can get out of his divorce from Kelly. It’s his last chance to line his pockets with her money,” the source said.

To make things worse, Blackstock is also, allegedly, trying to get his prenup thrown out. But Clarkson is convinced that the court will take her side this time around.

So, in the end, she won’t have to pay Blackstock as much as $200,000 monthly just like what he’s asking.

And since things are not looking good for Starstruck Entertainment, Shelton couldn’t wait to quit. This way, he wouldn’t be dragged into the company’s fallout with Clarkson and its other clients in the future.

While it is true that Blackstock is demanding $200,000 from Clarkson monthly, it’s important to note that Shelton has nothing to do with this.

So, the country musician can continue to work with Blackstock and his dad. And it won’t be a problem with Clarkson regardless of how close they are.

After all, Shelton’s relationship with Blackstock and his dad is strictly professional.

As for Clarkson and Blackstock’s prenup, nothing has been finalized yet.

But Us Weekly recently claimed that one of the reasons why Clarkson decided to leave Blackstock was because she felt that he was just using her for her money.