A recent article from one outlet claimed that Russian supermodel Irina Shayk dumped rapper Kanye West because he “stinks.”

West and TV personality Kim Kardashian announced their divorced early this 2021. A few months after that, several reports claimed that the rapper was romantically involved with Shayk. Now, one tabloid recently asserted the supermodel dumped him because she’s “disgusted” with his smell.

Per a recent report from National Enquirer, Shayk was allegedly turned off by West's “flop sweat and flabby bod”. A source from the publication revealed that the supermodel gave the rapper a chance because he’s persistent, but she “regretting” her decision now.

“She’s used to guys without an inch to pinch but decided to give Kanye a shot because he was so persistent and charming,” the insider said.

The tabloid goes on to explain West’s smell, pointing out his full-face covering and big jackets that make him sweaty. Allegedly, the rapper has an “unbearable odor” once he takes his clothes off. The source even insisted that he is “stinking up a storm.”

For Shayk, the outlet claimed the supermodel can no longer tolerate West’s body and stench. Allegedly, she’s embarrassed to be seen with the rapper and this has been the major reason why she decided not to pursue a relationship with him.

The biggest question here, however, is how does the tabloid know Shayk dumped West because of his smell? It’s also unlikely the source has a lot of insights regarding the subject, given that there are still a few questions when it comes to the status of the two.

While they were spotted spending some time together in France, the two weren’t seen again after that. Still, rumors have begun to follow them and some of the claims were often directed on West. In fact, this is not the first time the same tabloid published a story about the rapper’s body.

In June 2021, the outlet claimed that West wants to slim down his bulky body now that he’s dating Shayk. In addition, he’s allegedly doing everything to lose weight to stop the Kardashians from teasing him. Yet, this claim has been debunked and proved to be inaccurate, as well.

Meanwhile, West has been very open on his body image issues, where he even admitted that he had undergone liposuction so that people will stop calling him fat. Also, he opened up about the struggles and difficulties he had with his mental health.