A recent report from a tabloid claims that Kanye West is desperate to lose weight because the Kardashians are laughing at his “man boobs.” It can be recalled that the rapper and Kim Kardashian announced their divorce in early 2021 and rumors have been tailing them since then.

The latest issue of the National Enquirer comes with a headline “Kanye’s Diet From Hell!” The article claims that the rapper wanted to slim down his “bulky” body now that he is dating Russian supermodel Irina Shayk. At the same time, he wants to prove to his ex-wife and her family that they’re wrong about him.

However, West is reportedly struggling to lose weight and finds the process “torture.” In order to achieve his goals, the outlet asserted that the rapper hired new staff – including a chef and “live-in life coach to be on call 24/7.”

Per the tabloid source, West boosts his real confidence when he started dating Shayk. But then, there are doubts inside his head, especially what’s her real intention. This is allegedly something that the rapper could not ignore.

“He won’t let it enter his head Irina’s more turned on by his checkbook and the limelight than his supposed genius, charm, and good looks,” the insider said.

The situation gets even worse since West is said to be insecure over the Kardashians’ teasing. The source alleged that the family is still laughing about the rapper’s “man boobs” so he wanted to “ram all the negative comments down their throats by looking his very best.” 

What’s even more challenging for him is that he hates exercising and salads, which could potentially derail his “big plans.” He also refused to get surgeries because his mother died just a few days after undergoing break reduction surgery.

Although West may focus on losing his weight, it is unlikely that he is doing such a thing to prove to the Kardashians that they are wrong. This is not the first time the same outlet published a story about the rapper and his ex-wife and her family.

Most recently, the tabloid claimed that West is planning to expose the Kardashians’ dirt in his upcoming docuseries on Netflix. Similarly, the publication cited a source who claimed that the rapper will use this as leverage to get back at his ex-wife and her family.

Meanwhile, the outlet’s sister publications have been also writing stories about West and his weight. In May 2021, Globe reported about the rapper’s alleged “wild food binges” after he and Kardashian announced their divorce.

Sources said that West eats “more than 6,000 calories” in a single meal, which leads to his 310 pounds weight. However, just like the recent article, this narrative has been debunked, as well. Even though he and the reality star separated, they still seem to be in an amicable situation.