Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly returning to the United Kingdom very soon.

After over a year of not seeing the royal family, royal commentator Duncan Larcombe claimed that Markle has finally agreed to return to the UK.

In its June 29 issue, Larcombe told Woman UK that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's upcoming trip are primarily for Queen Elizabeth.

“Queen Elizabeth will be very keen to meet her new great-granddaughter as soon as possible. Despite everything that has been said and done, Her Majesty loves Harry and considers him an important part of the royal family,” he said.

Since Prince Harry and Markle already rented Frogmore Cottage to Princess Eugenie, Larcombe said that the couple will most likely stay at Windsor Castle when they return home.

The queen, who used to be very close to Prince Harry, would love for the couple to be very close to her so that they could hang out often.

Meanwhile, Larcombe’s source also claimed that Prince Harry and Markle thought long and hard about what they have done the past couple of weeks.

Prince Harry and Markle have made some shocking allegations against the royal family. But after careful thought and consideration, they realized that they shouldn’t continue attacking the royals.

“The royals are a family at heart. And hearing Harry expressing his pain and anger will at the very least have given them a great deal of food for thought. So far, Harry and Meghan have focused their attacks on events in the past and the reasons behind why they felt they had no choice but to walk away,” the source said.

However, Larcombe’s recent claims are just based on his assumptions. As of late, Prince Harry and Markle have not expressed any desire to return to the UK together with their children.

In fact, the Duke of Sussex’s trip to the UK next month to attend Princess Diana’s memorial hasn’t also been finalized.

Prince Harry and Markle also made headlines this week after it was revealed that they spent millions to have Frogmore Cottage renovated.

According to People, the couple will continue to “own” Frogmore Cottage until March 31, 2022.

So far, they have already shelled out $3.3 million as a payment for their stay when they were still royals.

Sir Michael Stevens, Keeper of the Privy Purse, said that the couple doesn’t have any debt from Frogmore Cottage.