Prince Harry is allegedly gearing for his father and son's trip with Archie.

In its June 26 issue, Closer UK claimed that Prince Harry will bring Archie to the United Kingdom next month to attend the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.

A source claimed that the Duke of Sussex asked Meghan Markle’s permission and to his surprise, she agreed.

“From what I’ve heard from reliable sources, Harry will return for his mother’s statue unveiling. He’s thought to be planning on staying at Frogmore, and he’ll obviously have to quarantine. But he won’t be alone. There’s strong reason to believe that Archie will be with him,” the source said.

The source added that Archie’s presence will serve as a diffuser of the situation.

Since there’s still some tension between Prince William and Prince Harry, Archie’s presence will certainly lighten the mood between the siblings.

The source also alleged that Prince Harry’s decision to bring Archie to the United Kingdom is the first sign that he could be feeling guilty for what he’s done.

“I think he still believes that what he and Meghan did was the right thing but bringing Archie back would be an olive branch of some sort and a definite sign that he’s looking to call a truce over what’s happened recently. It could help heal a lot of hurts,” the source said.

However, Prince Harry has not confirmed his attendance at Princess Diana’s memorial. So, there’s also no way for the publication to know if he would bring his son or not.

As of late, Meghan Markle is not also expected to join her husband at Princess Diana’s memorial because she just gave birth to her daughter Lili earlier this month.

Markle has not set foot in the United Kingdom for over a year since she and Prince Harry quit The Firm.

In fact, Markle has been distancing herself from the royal family which is why she didn’t also attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

However, sources close to the Suits alum said that Markle didn’t attend the funeral because she was heavily pregnant with Lili at the time.

And now that she had just given birth, it’s also unlikely for her to travel all the way to the United Kingdom with her newborn because it’s still not safe for them.

So, it is possible that only Prince Harry will attend the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue next month to commemorate the late royal’s birthday.