Kate Middleton is considering having her husband, Prince William, wear a Spider-Man costume for their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. She was inspired to copy the idea from one man who sported the suit when he was trying to make children happy during the first wave of lockdowns in the United Kingdom.

Speaking with martial arts teacher Jason Baird, the Duchess of Cambridge remarked that she's going to try and see if Baird's "very cool" stunt will also trend at Kensington Palace with their kids. However, Kate Middleton joked that her husband might not get clearance for the costume and for trying to do daring stunts in the superhero suit.

Baird, who is a martial arts teacher, revealed to Middleton that he and a friend thought of wearing a Spider-Man suit when they did their daily exercise outdoors. Realizing that they could entertain the children, who had to be stuck indoors, the pair decided that they will keep on doing this as they've received quite a great feedback.

Soon, the children in their community were posting signs on their window, inviting Spider-Man to appear outside their house. The Duchess of Cambridge told Baird that it was really a great idea and she also thanked the martial arts expert for sending a well-captured photograph of his Spidey stunt for her Hold Still photography project.

Middleton has been strategically releasing her conversations with the winners of the Hold Still photo competition. Of the 33,000 submissions, 100 made the cut in the landmark photobook that documents how the U.K. dealt with the global pandemic in 2020.

Meanwhile, Middleton revealed that she just had her first COVID-19 jab over the weekend. The Duchess of Cambridge was dressed down in a basic jeans and white top when she visited the vaccination center and thanked everyone involved in the vaccine rollout. Middleton had her jab a few weeks after William had his vaccination.

It's unclear, however, if the pair received the British-made AstraZeneca vaccine, which William had kept tabs on during its development in 2020. However, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, said that she received AstraZeneca when she had her jab in February.


Middleton's vaccination comes as she has just wrapped up her Scotland royal tour with William. The pair is expected to be doing more in-person engagements in the months to come as Queen Elizabeth, who is fully vaccinated, will also ramp up on her face-to-face activities around Britain.

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the Duchess of Cambridge is now regarded as the glue that holds the royal family together amid a trying few months following the death of Prince Philip. Nicholl said that the last 10 years have prepared Kate Middleton quite well into her role as the future and the longevity of the monarchy. (Business Times)