Prince Harry reportedly broke his promise to Prince William about their late mother, Princess Diana.

Royal commentator Phil Dampier spoke with New Idea in its May 31 issue.

He said that when Prince William and Prince Harry were still young, they made a pact that the stories and memories of the Princess of Wales won’t be for sale.

However, there are rumors claiming that Prince Harry will be releasing a docuseries about Princess Diana on Netflix.

“So, to have Harry wheeling Diana for a Hollywood docuseries is so bang out of order William can hardly believe it. He thought that even with their differences in the past few years, their mom would remain sacred,” he said.

Another source said that this is particularly upsetting for the royal family and the royal fans because they thought Prince William and Prince Harry have already taken a step in the right direction.

Last month, they attended Prince Philip’s funeral. And after the church service, they were spotted chatting with each other together with Kate Middleton.

However, the source said that this was just a ceasefire from Prince Harry out of respect for Queen Elizabeth. After all, he and Prince William started feuding again after he returned to Los Angeles to be with his wife and son.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Angela Levin also said that Prince Charles was heartbroken when he heard Prince Harry’s interview on the Armchair Expert.

“Harry is being so negative and ruthless about him. He's standing with the royal family is at rock bottom, but what they’d like to do and what they can do are far apart,” the source said.

As of late, Prince Charles and the other royal family members have not publicly commented on Prince Harry’s interview.

While speaking with the podcast host, the Duke of Sussex likened his royal life to the Truman Show and the zoo.

Even though this claim might have been offensive for the royals, they haven’t addressed the matter publicly.

In March, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also made scathing remarks about the royal family. The couple accused an unknown member of the British clan of being racist.

When he stepped out for his royal engagement, Prince William publicly slammed Prince Harry by saying that the royals are not racist.

Other members of the royal family also weighed in on the issue. However, the same cannot be said about Prince Harry’s recent interview.