Queen Elizabeth apparently signed on for Prince Harry to do his mental health TV series, however, claims have now emerged that the Duke of Sussex might have misled his grandmother.

According to reports, Queen Elizabeth had no idea that Harry would criticize his own family and accuse them of "total neglect" on his new TV show, The Me You Can't See. In this documentary, Harry talked about his mental health struggles following the death of his mother by admitting that he turned to drugs and alcohol. He said that no one among his family helped him come out of these struggles. He also claimed in his guest stints to promote the series that he suffered from "genetic pain" and implied that Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were not good at parenting.

The sources also said that Her Majesty and Prince Charles are having trust issues with Harry because of these revelations, especially after the queen gave her blessing to her grandson to do the TV show. Harry apparently discussed this TV show with his grandmother in 2018, or at least two years before he decided to quit his royal roles.

However, the palace insiders revealed that Harry told Queen Elizabeth he was going to make a mental health documentary series about military veterans, as a veteran himself. The sources also added that the queen would have not agreed, nor anyone else in the royal family, if she knew that Harry would attack his father and the royal institution.

Though Harry has the freedom to speak his truth, the source also said that the Duke of Sussex seems to have very little understanding of accountability. A royal expert warned that Harry could destroy his grandmother's legacy with his constant attacks on Charles, who stands to inherit the Crown when Queen Elizabeth dies.

Royal historian Robert Jobson said that Harry has been showing "shameful" behaviors by talking ill of his father on television. Jobson also felt that the Duke of Sussex has been blaming "everyone" for his woes.

Another source said that Queen Elizabeth has taken Harry's pronouncements "very personally" and she is as upset as Charles, especially when Harry talked about parenting. In March, the queen issued a short statement addressing Harry and Meghan Markle's claims of racism and lack of protection from the royal family by stating that their recollections of the events are different. However, she insisted that Harry and Markle remain well-loved members of the royal family. (Business Times)