Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are allegedly living large and it’s all because of the former.

In its May 31 issue, New Idea claimed that Markle and Prince Harry are still recovering with their finances after Prince Charles cut them off financially.

However, the Duchess of Sussex can’t seem to wait until they fully recover because she’s asking her husband to spend millions.

“These two are living large in California. And while their house didn’t actually cost them that much to buy, the upkeep and maintenance would be insane. Gardens, water bills, and land taxes are around $300,000 per year alone. Then there’s the insurance, which would be high because it’s in wildfire, earthquake, and tsunami zones. And on top of that, they have staff and the cost of running their top-of-the-line Range Rover,” the source said.

According to the tabloid, Prince Harry is working very hard to support his family. And he’s also accepting offers left and right because he wants to continue living a lavish lifestyle.

In fact, the Duke of Sussex doesn’t mind if he needs to hurt the royal family in order to get the megabucks.

The source claimed that this was already proven when he and Markle agreed to sit down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. And it didn’t end there. Just recently, Prince Harry also appeared on the Armchair Expert where he criticized his royal life, as well as the royal family.

Prince Harry also stars in a new documentary about mental health with Winfrey.

“Harry has proved he doesn’t intend to leave any shoe unturned in telling all about his private life, despite the fact that when he left the family, he claimed he wanted more privacy,” the source said.

But the fact that he continues to shout his pain from the rooftops proves that he’s not so private after all. In fact, even his family members, who try their best to not show their emotions in public, are exposed.

Unfortunately, there’s no stopping Prince Harry and Markle. And the couple will continue to talk until the royal family acknowledges that they were also wrong with how they're raised the renegade royal.

However, some parts of the tabloid’s claims are not to be believed. For instance, it is not true that Markle is the one encouraging Prince Harry to live largely and spend millions for their lavish lifestyle.