Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez allegedly tried to fix their relationship for a month, but they eventually failed.

In its May 3 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Rodriguez was determined to get back together with Lopez especially since he knew that he was the reason behind their split.

Months ago, reports swirled that Rodriguez cheated on Lopez multiple times throughout the duration of their relationship. The former baseball player has since denied the allegations publicly, but he and Lopez know what really happened behind closed doors.

Now, a source told the tabloid that Rodriguez decided to fly to the Dominican Republic to be close to Lopez while she was filming Shotgun Wedding. But instead of fixing their relationship, the exes just ended up fighting nonstop.

“They spent the whole time getting into fights because of her jealousy issues. He went golfing to avoid her nagging. But then they had one last horrible fight. He couldn’t take it anymore and finally ended it,” the source said.

Earlier this month, the A-listers released a joint statement confirming their decision to go their separate ways. They also said that they are better off as friends and are committed to working together on their businesses.

However, the tabloid’s unnamed source claimed that Lopez and Rodriguez are also struggling to make things work professionally. Since they have assets and joint finances together, they need to make sure that they divide everything equally.

And since they still have a lot of ties together, Lopez and Rodriguez have no choice but to always interact with each other. They are also tied together by their respective children, who have all developed a close relationship over the years.

Meanwhile, Lopez and Rodriguez reportedly reunited together in Los Angeles just weeks after their split.

According to E! News, Rodriguez flew to the city to have dinner with his former fiancée. The former athlete doesn’t reportedly want to give up on his relationship so he’s doing everything that he can to win Lopez back.

Unfortunately, the source said that Lopez no longer feels the same way about Rodriguez. After all of the issues that they faced, the World of Dance judge feels that it’s best for them to move on.

After their reunion, Rodriguez returned to Miami by himself. And there’s no word that the exes got back together.

In fact, some tabloids are saying that Lopez is already entertaining suitors like Ben Affleck.