Jennifer Lopez has allegedly decided to seek sex therapy with her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez to save their crumbling relationship.

In the April 12 issue of Globe, the tabloid alleged that Lopez is feeling sick and tired of Rodriguez’s alleged infidelity. The World of Dance judge also, allegedly, hates how insecure she feels due to Rodriguez’s roving eye.

But since the couple still love each other, and they want to save their four-year relationship, they have agreed to go through grave lengths to keep their relationship afloat.

A source told the tabloid that Lopez and Rodriguez agreed to check in with a sex therapist because the former wants to know why the latter is such a flirt. The mom of twins Max and Elle also, allegedly, wants to know why Rodriguez thinks she’s not enough for him.

Weeks ago, reports swirled that the former baseball star cheated on Lopez with Madison LeCroy. The Southern Charm star told Page Six shortly after that she and Rodriguez have never met. However, she also revealed that they’ve spoken on the phone.

Other than LeCroy, former Playboy model Zoe Gregory also accused Rodriguez of flirting with her via text. According to her, the former athlete also sent her racy text messages the week before his engagement to Lopez.

Fitness model Lauren Hunter also accused Rodriguez of the same thing. Her five-year affair with Rodriguez reportedly continued even while the latter was already dating Lopez.

Shortly after the accusations made headlines, Lopez and Rodriguez released a joint statement telling TMZ that the allegations are inaccurate. They also said that they are committed to making their relationship work.

But just days later, People announced that Lopez and Rodriguez have agreed to end their engagement. However, even though their wedding won’t push through, they are still together.

Now, the tabloid is claiming that the damage has been done in Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship. And the only way to save their romance is through treatment.

On top of this, the tabloid’s unnamed source also alleged that Lopez could not accept Rodriguez’s lazy side. Not only has that dad of two stopped exercising regularly, but he’s also gained a considerable amount of weight over the past year or so.

However, one should be wary of the tabloid’s claims. While it is true that Lopez and Rodriguez are working to save their relationship, it’s not true that they’re seeking help from a sex therapist.