Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s public displays of affection are allegedly just for show.

In its April 12 issue, Life & Style claimed that Lopez and Rodriguez’s recent PDA in the Dominican Republic is fake. After all, the minute the cameras are no longer rolling, the couple tries to avoid each other.

A source, who claimed to have witnessed the couple’s fakery, told the tabloid that Lopez and Rodriguez can’t fool anyone.

The insider said that the couple's make-out sessions are all staged. And when no one is around, they tone it down. 

The insider added that Lopez and Rodriguez still want the world to think that they’re a perfect couple. But behind closed doors, the mom of two is really struggling to forgive her former fiancé.

Meanwhile, Lopez also made headlines today amid claims that she and her ex-boyfriend, Ben Affleck have been talking to each other in private.

During her interview with InStyle, Lopez revealed that she and Affleck are still good friends. In fact, the publication also asked Affleck to comment on Lopez’s work ethic, and the actor has nothing but good things to say about his ex-girlfriend.

Following the interview, OK! magazine suggested that there’s something going on between Affleck and Lopez.

A source for the tabloid claimed that Lopez ran to Affleck for advice the minute she and Rodriguez started having problems.

The insider also claimed that the World of Dance judge is known as the rebound girl of love because she turns to her exes when she’s having problems with her current partner.

According to the unnamed source, no one would be surprised if Lopez and Affleck confirm one day that they have gotten back together. After all, their chemistry is still off the charts.

Affleck is also single after splitting from Ana de Armas earlier this year. According to People, the exes are just not in the same headspace because Affleck is focused on his children.

De Armas, on the other hand, doesn’t want to permanently reside in Los Angeles. But this is where Affleck needs to be because of his kids with ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

While it is true that Affleck and Lopez are still friends, there is no indication that they are trying to get back together. There is also no proof that Lopez is seeking comfort from her ex-boyfriend amid her ongoing problems with Rodriguez.

Last month, sources close to Lopez and Rodriguez confirmed that they are working through their issues.