Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has allegedly dropped her dad Brad Pitt’s surname from her social media account.

In its May 3 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Pitt and Shiloh used to be very close. But in recent years, they drifted apart because Shiloh became closer to her mom, Angelina Jolie.

Now, a source claimed that Shiloh’s decision to remove her dad’s surname from her social media account would most definitely hurt the actor.

“Brad would be hurt but not surprised by this. Out of all the kids, he was closest with Shiloh. And she has spent the most time with him. But as she gets older, she is keeping her distance from her father more. And he has no doubt her mother’s attitude towards him has everything to do with it,” the source said.

The Ad Astra actor isn’t also thrilled to know that Shiloh has shown interest in becoming a model. After all, he thinks that the entertainment industry is so toxic and demanding and doesn’t want his daughter to be a part of it.

Meanwhile, the tabloid claimed that Pitt has been so distant from his children that he doesn’t even know what’s been going on in their lives.

As such, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor was shocked when he found out that his eldest son, Maddox has shown some interest in joining Scientology.

During his return from South Korea, Maddox allegedly roamed around the neighborhood, where he chanced upon the Scientology celebrity center.

Since he’s into aliens and cults, he couldn’t help but feel curious about what goes on in Scientology.

However, Pitt was upset when he found out what Maddox had been doing because it made him feel as though Jolie wasn’t keeping an eye on their son.

It seems that the tabloid forgot one key piece of information about Pitt and Jolie’s eldest son. Maddox is already 19 years old so Jolie doesn’t need to keep an eye on him.

Additionally, he’s already studying overseas which means that he’s mature enough to look after himself.

There’s also no truth to the tabloid’s claims that Shiloh has decided to drop her dad’s surname from her social media account. After all, the 14-year-old doesn’t have Instagram.

The tabloid simply looked at the profile of someone who also goes by the name Shiloh Jolie. But it’s possible that this is just a fan account.

If Shiloh has a public Instagram account, it would be verified by the app to confirm that she’s really the one behind it.