Angelina Jolie is allegedly back in the dating scene.

In its April 26 issue, New Idea claimed that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has finally found love five years after they announced their divorce.

But in a shocking twist, Jolie, who has been branded as a loner by multiple tabloids, is allegedly dating party DJ Diplo.

A source claimed that Jolie and Diplo were recently spotted on a date a private party in Los Angeles.

Diplo posted about his night-out, and eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed that Jolie is with him that night.

Now, the tabloid has gone full speed with their dubious claims by saying that Jolie already introduced the DJ to her six children, and they all love him.

“The kids think Diplo is a God so there’s no doubt that they’ll approve especially seeing their rigid mom loosen up a bit. It’s all been heartbreak and divorce and lockdowns for so long. No one’s surprised at all to see her out partying,” the source said.

According to the source, a lot of people must have already forgotten Jolie’s past. Back in the day, the Maleficent star was allegedly a party girl. Since Jolie understands Diplo’s lifestyle, the DJ’s arrests and restraining orders don’t allegedly bother her.

However, the tabloid’s claims are certainly inaccurate. Jolie has been adamant at saying that she’s not dating and has not gone out on dates since her divorce from Pitt.

Two years ago, Cheatsheet also said that Jolie will never get married again after her tumultuous split from Pitt. After all, one of her friends said that she’s still holding on to her grudges against her ex-husband.

It also seems as though Jolie doesn’t have time to find love. Not only is she busy with raising her children by herself; she’s also busy with her ongoing custody battle.

After all these years, Jolie is still urging the court to give her full custody of her children. Pitt, on the other hand, has been asking the court to give him joint custody of his kids.

Unfortunately, no one knows for sure how the exes’ custody battle will be resolved. And if anything, things are just getting much worse for the A-listers.

Last month, The Blast claimed that Jolie is once again insisting that Pitt was physically abusive towards their children during their marriage. And the actress also said that she and her three youngest kids are willing to testify against their dad.

If this weren’t enough, there are also rumors that Jolie and Pitt’s kids, Maddox and Shiloh have already dropped their dad’s surname.