Princess Eugenie’s star will, reportedly, rise very soon.

While speaking with Woman UK, royal commentator Duncan Larcombe said that Queen Elizabeth is looking for support from her two granddaughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Even though Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s children are not considered as senior working royals, this could change after Princess Eugenie gives birth.

“There are huge gaps in the royal diary and sources say Princess Eugenie may even have to cut short the traditional six months of maternity leave to support her grandmother,” he said.

Royal expert Roya Nikkah also said that Princess Eugenie would most likely step up to the plate since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have no plans to return to the United Kingdom.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the queen already entrusted Princess Eugenie with some royal duties and engagements.

And a lot of the people that she met along the way said that she was a ray of sunshine. Others also called her a great role model.

According to Larcombe, Princess Eugenie will become even more popular with the arrival of her first child.

After all, a royal baby is always welcomed by the public and Princess Eugenie is also now being regarded as one of the most famous members of the royal family.

Meanwhile, Larcombe also talked about Princess Eugenie’s christening plans after her baby is born.

He said that the royal will most likely follow in Prince Harry and Markle’s footsteps and have a private christening for her first-born.

And just like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Princess Eugenie will just release some photos from their christening.

However, it is unclear if these photos will feature Prince Andrew because the latter wasn’t featured in the snaps that Princess Beatrice released after her wedding.

Larcombe added that Princess Eugenie will politely decline the queen’s offer to give her baby a royal title.

After all, Princess Eugenie, reportedly, knows that having a title could be both a blessing and a curse. And she and her husband just want their children to have ordinary lives.

In related news, Hello! magazine confirmed that the queen won’t immediately meet Princess Eugenie’s baby after its birth.

After all, there is still an ongoing lockdown in the United Kingdom.

And even when the lockdown is lifted, it might still not be safe for the queen and Princess Eugenie’s baby to meet in person.